At Southover, we deliver a careers programme which builds on our learners’ unique strengths, raises their aspirations, and provides access to information & opportunities to achieve their potential and thrive in the wider community.

We take a whole school approach to careers with embedded learning though individual subjects, PSHE and Life Skills lessons which provide students with a clear understanding of how their learning relates to both the wider and professional world.  Through a personalised curriculum, pupils have the opportunity to build a portfolio of skills they can evidence for use in future applications.

With the support of trained, independent personal advisors and the engagement of external providers, our careers programme ensures students are able to make well-informed decisions based on both technical and academic options.

The Gatsby Benchmarks set out a framework for schools to deliver ‘good career guidance’ and serve as the foundation of the careers programme we offer at Southover:

All of our learners have access to:

  • A stable careers programme which is embedded in curriculum learning and delivered through the PSHE & Life Skills curriculum, assemblies and drop-down days.
  • The opportunity to learn from career and labour market information.
  • Personal careers guidance which addresses the individual needs of each young person.
  • Careers related activities which link to different curriculum areas.
  • Encounters with employers and employees. For example, our young people have had the opportunity to interview an author.
  • Experience with workplaces (E.g, the opportunity to engage with Freightliners City Farm).
  • Encounters with further and higher education (E.g. Conel, Barnet & Southgate & Oaklands College).
  • Personal guidance meetings which meets the individual needs of each student.

We use the Compass+ tool to benchmark, manage, track and evaluate our school’s careers provision at an individual student level against the Gatsby Benchmarks. This aims to ensure our careers provision is continually improving and adapting to be the best it can be, giving consideration to the changing landscape of careers and local market information.

*For more information about our programme or to request access as a provider please contact our Deputy SENCO, Anna Vermond, via the school office.