• Pupils are exposed to a range of topics, with different implementational work and outcomes, which are tied to the national curriculum. 
  • Teachers have the flexibility to contextually apply different topics under different schemes of work to challenge pupils in liaison with the Head of Department. 
  • Southover offer a wide range of creative education related qualifications. 
 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2 
Year 7 Identity – About Me Drawing Identity – About Me Painting Environments – Minibeasts Photography Environments – Minibeasts Printing Artefacts – Ancient Egypt Sculpture Artefacts – Ancient Egypt Sculpture 
Year 8 Environments – Fantasy Lands Collage Environments – Fantasy Lands Collage Artefacts –  Traditional Clothing Fashion Design Artefacts –  Traditional Clothing Fashion Design Identity –  Masks Sculpture Identity –  Masks Sculpture 
Year 9 Artefacts –  CD Cover Graphic Design Artefacts –  CD Cover Graphic Design Environments – Real/Surreal Animation Environments – Real/Surreal  Animation Identity – Biography Pupil choice of media Identity – Biography Pupil choice of media 
KS3KS4/5 Options
KS3 ArtPearson A Level Graphic Design
Pearson GCSE Art & Design
Pearson GCSE Photography
Pearson GCSE Graphic Design
Arts Award Bronze/Silver
NCFE Level 1 Graphic Design, Photography, Creative Craft
AQA Unit Award Scheme 
KS3KS4/5 Options
KS3 MusicRock School instrumental exams
BTEC Tech Award Level 1- Performing a Piece of Music​