• Southover’s PE curriculum is designed to cater to the physical well-being, different needs and abilities of our pupils, providing inclusive and differentiated learning experiences.
  • Our PE curriculum references the national curriculum, ensuring that our pupils develop competence in a broad range of physicalactivities, engage in competitive sports and activities, and lead healthyactive lives.
  • We offer a range of KS4/5 options in PE, allowing our pupils to specialise in areas of interest and further develop their skills and knowledge in specific sports or activities.

KS3 Scheme of Work Matrix:

Autumn Spring Summer 
Team Games(Team building & Competition) Team Sports/Activities can include:
Football, basketball, netball, rugby, hockey, dodgeball, volleyball etc. Team building can include: team relays, problem solving tasks, orienteering, fitness relays, dance in teams/partner work etc 
Target Games (Competition Specific)  Target games can include:
Throwing games (like precision throwing with bean bags), golf, bowling, bowls, corn-hole, handball, archery, 5-a-live etc. Sports from Autumn 1 can also be used again, breaking down and highlighting the target related skills (passing accurately through a gated coned area, shooting into the corners of a goal only) 
Striking and Fielding, Net games, Athletics/ Sports Day  (Sport in the community)  Striking and fielding sports can include: 
Softball, tennis, cricket, rounders,etc   Athletics sports can include: track events (races of various distances including relays), field events (high jump, long jump, triple jump, discus, shot put, javelin) Preparation for sports day
KS3KS4/5 Options
OCR GCSE – Physical Education
OCR L2 Cambridge National in Sport Studies 
OCR L1 Cambridge National in Sport Studies 
BTEC Level 1 Introductory In Sport
OCR Entry Level 1-3