• At Southover, we value technological learning as an integral part of its curriculum, recognising its importance in preparing pupils for the modern world.
  • In addition to our ICT curriculum, the schools also emphasise the use of ICT across other subjects, providing pupils with the necessary skills to navigate and utilise digital tools effectively.
  • Digital Media and Business Studies are both KS4 options, and they allow pupils to develop their creativity and communication skills for entrepreneurshipleadership, and understanding the business world, through mediums such as video productiongraphic design, and multimedia presentations.
  • Design and technology is highly regarded at Southover, promoting creativityproblem-solving, and practical skills. Pupils engage in hands-on activities that involve designingmaking, and evaluating products, fostering innovation and critical thinking.
  • Food technology is recognised as a vital component of the curriculum, teaching pupils about nutritionhealthy eating, and practical cooking skills

The below tables show the progression of our technological curriculum:

KS3 ICTGCSE Computer Science* 
INCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Coding
BTEC Level 2 Certificate in ICT Systems and Principles
Pearson Digital Functional Skills Entry Level 3 and Level 1 only
BTEC L1 Introductory Digital Media 
BTEC L1 Introductory Business Award / Certificate / Diploma

*Pupils who wish to GCSE Computer Science are recommended to working at Step 5 or above in Maths.

KS3 Food technologyGCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition
​ BTEC Level 2 in Home Cooking Skills​
​ BTEC Level 1 in Home Cooking Skills​
KS3 D&TNCFE Level 1 Award Occupational Studies for the Workplace