At the Southover Partnership, we offer students with interventions to enhance their occupational skills.

Occupational Therapy in school aims to improve the health and wellbeing of pupils through facilitating their access to meaningful occupation. Occupations include any activity people carry out throughout their lives such as working, learning, playing, socialising, and even sleeping. When access to occupation is interrupted through physical, mental, environmental, or occupational barriers – such as a task being too complex – an Occupational Therapist can help remove those barriers. Occupational Therapists do this through devising intervention at any of the person, environment, or occupation domains whilst working closely with teachers and parents as required.

At The Southover Partnership a universal, targeted, and specialist model of Occupational Therapy is used so that all our pupils can access the occupations they need and want to do. The health and wellbeing of our pupils is our priority, and we hope to infuse them with joy in meaningful occupation and a lifelong appreciation of activities of daily living.

Leah Shainfield

Occupational Therapist