Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

  • PSHE is the platform within school where students focus on the social and emotional development reflected in our school ethos.
  • In tandem with their academic learning, students take part in a structured PSHE curriculum that follows learning journeys which encompass social thinking, emotional wellbeing, health, relationships and sex education.
  • The PSHE learning journeys cover Self-awarenessSelf-careSupport and SafetyManaging Feelings, Changing and GrowingHealthy Lifestyles & The World I live in.
  • Further contextually differentiated cyclical topics are designed under each learning journey, in liaison with pupils’ input. 
  • Our PSHE curriculum encourages respect for other people, paying particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the 2010 Act:
    • age 
    • disability 
    • gender reassignment 
    • marriage and civil partnership 
    • pregnancy and maternity 
    • race 
    • religion or belief 
    • sex 
    • sexual orientation
  • Our PSHE curriculum is intended to enhance SMSC development so that students are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. This involves teaching students about British laws, values and the democratic process so that they can effectively navigate life in British society.
  • We aim, through social thinking, to promote good behaviour and positive character traits in our students and celebrate those who demonstrate good character values in their day to day school life.
  • Through their PSHE learning, students have a platform where they can learn to effectively cope in emotionally charged situations and where they can seek help and advice with mental and emotional health so they are prepared for any challenges that they may face as they take their next steps.
  • Our RSE curriculum [See separate policy] provide primary aged pupil with Relationship Education, and secondary school aged pupils with Relationship, Sex and Education.

PSHE KS3, 4 & 5 Matrix 

Term Learning journeys Cyclical Topics  PSHE Character value 
Autumn 1 Self-awareness KS3 Cycle 1 – Personal Strength Confidence and Optimism 
KS4 Cycle 1 – Managing Pressure Confidence and Optimism 
KS5 Cycle 1 – Fixed and Growth Mindsets Confidence and Optimism 
KS3 Cycle 2 – Skills for learning Perseverance and Resilience 
KS4 Cycle 2 – Preparing for Adulthood Motivation 
KS5 Cycle 2 – Ways to better myself Drive 
KS3 Cycle 3 – Prejudice and Discrimination Perseverance 
KS5 Cycle 3 – Self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence Grit 
Autumn 2 Self-care, support and safety KS3 Cycle 1 – Feeling frightened / worried Confidence and Optimism 
KS4 Cycle 1 – Keeping safe in all situations: Public and private Confidence and Optimism 
KS5 Cycle 1 – Knife Crime, country lines and gangs Confidence and Optimism 
KS3 Cycle 2 – Accident and Risk in Emergency situations Perseverance and Resilience 
KS4 Cycle 2 – Gambling Motivation 
KS5 Cycle 2 – Personal Hygiene Drive 
KS3 Cycle 3 – Feeling Unwell Perseverance 
KS5 Cycle 3 – Emotional Support and Mental Wellbeing Grit 
Spring 1 Managing Feelings KS3 Cycle 1 – Self-esteem and unkind comments Respect and Tolerance 
KS4 Cycle 1 – Peer Pressure and Bullying Respect and Tolerance 
KS5 Cycle 1 – Managing Change Respect and Tolerance 
KS3 Cycle 2 – Strong Feelings Motivation and Ambition 
KS4 Cycle 2 – Sexual Attraction Resilience 
KS5 Cycle 2 – Social and Emotional Development Respect 
KS3 Cycle 3 – Romantic feelings Honesty 
KS5 Cycle 3 – Making sense of relationships Honesty 
Spring 2 Changing and Growing KS3 Cycle 1 – Friendship Respect and Tolerance 
KS4 Cycle 1 – Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco (including medicinal drugs) Respect and Tolerance 
KS5 Cycle 1 – Sexual and Gender differences Respect and Tolerance 
KS3 Cycle 2 – Puberty Motivation and Ambition 
KS4 Cycle 2 – Long term relationships and parenthood Resilience 
KS5 Cycle 2 – Sexual Relationships, Consent and Parenthood Respect 
KS3 Cycle 3 – Healthy and Unhealthy relationship behaviours Honesty 
KS5 Cycle 3 – Managing long term relationships and dealing with relationship breakdowns Honesty 
Summer 1 Healthy Lifestyles KS3 Cycle 1 – Elements of a Healthy lifestyle Honesty and Dignity 
KS4 Cycle 1 – Body image (media and online impacts) Honesty and Dignity 
KS5 Cycle 1 – How to have a healthy lifestyle Honesty and Dignity 
KS3 Cycle 2 – Physical Activity Focus and Conscientiousness 
KS4 Cycle 2 – Intimate relationships, contraception and consent. Conscientiousness 
KS5 Cycle 2 – Pros and Cons of Online Gaming Ambition 
KS3 Cycle 3 – Mental Wellbeing Ambition 
KS5 Cycle 3 – Managing peer pressure Perseverance 
Summer 2 The world I live in KS3 Cycle 1 – Taking care of the Environment Honesty and Dignity 
KS4 Cycle 1 – Managing Finances and Cybercrime Honesty and Dignity 
KS5 Cycle 1 – Copyright and ownership Honesty and Dignity 
KS3 Cycle 2 – Diversity, rights and responsibilities Focus and Conscientiousness 
KS4 Cycle 2 – Careers based learning Conscientiousness 
KS5 Cycle 2 – Privacy and Security Ambition 
KS3 Cycle 3 – Preparing for adulthood Ambition 
KS5 Cycle 3 – Managing online information and online bullying Perseverance